Test Weak

The Test Week, as the name suggests, is a calendar week dedicated to subject testing. Tests for all subjects are held during this week.One of the most important aspects of any child undertaking any test is for them to feel that they can achieve. Giving children regular practice at completing tests, independently identifying their targets and supporting them towards their goals gives the assessments more purpose. In my experience, students actually enjoy this process and relish the opportunity to drive their own progress.

Subject Selection

Before starting Grade 9, students select their BOARDS Subjects for the next two years. In addition to the compulsory subjects,students must choose between Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering.The Irshad Academy helps our students to find their respective subjects according to their abilities.Subject choice makes a huge impact on every learner’s future career and tertiary study options The reason being is because most students don’t know themselves, Our Academy Helps them realize the interdependence between content and themselves.

Boards Preparation

In Grades 9 and 10 students focus on their compulsory subjects along with the major groups and elective subjects that they have opted for. Students get rigorous practice of learning outcomes, past papers, marking scheme and examiners’ reports during this time. Exam candidates need time to prepare for the unknown. Our exams test the technical aspect of the subject as well as the practical. Preparing early increases subject interpretation and the likelihood of success in BOARDS.