Hands on Activities

We believe that young children are intrinsically motivated to learn. Hence, we channel our students enthusiasm and curiosity into meaningful hands-on and play-based activities. Hands-on activities and active play are an integral part of the core curriculum. Such activities encourage our students to take risks and allow them to make mistakes in a supportive environment under the care of our trained teachers.

Thematic Learning

We also integrate thematic instruction into our curriculum to encourage learning through activities and thematic units. For instance our thematic activities and events such as Storytelling Sessions, Traffic Awareness Week, Orange Week, Seasons Gala, Show and Tell, Pet Shows, and Sing Alongs are held regularly and often times both parents and grandparents are invited to come and share the experience. These thematic units encourage students to learn with context and connect classroom activities to the real world.

Thinking & Inquiry Based Curriculum

Our Thinking & Inquiry based curriculum begins at home, every single morning. Students are asked to choose from five different uniform color options every day, promoting critical thinking skills, freedom of choice, and initiative from the very onset. Students are then asked and quizzed about their decision in school and then asked to take ownership of their choices